Tubeway Army

Tubeway Army

Beggars Banquet

Released November 24. 1978


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This product is not available in the EU store.

In the past, many people have felt that Numan's debut disc didn't measure up to his later triumphs but listening to it today, you discover that it's the most underrated of all his early albums.
1. Listen To The Sirens
2. My Shadow In Vain
3. The Life Machine
4. Friends
5. Somethings In The House
6. Every Day I Die
7. Steel And You
8. My Love Is A Liquid
9. Are You Real?
10. The Dream Police
11. Jo The Waiter
12. Zero Bars (Mr Smith)

Living Ornaments '78
13. Positive Thinking
14. Boys
15. Blue Eyes
16. You Don't Know Me
17. My Shadow In Vain
18. Me My Head
19. That's Too Bad
20. Basic J
21. Do Your Best
22. Oh! Didn't I Say
23. I'm A Poseur
24. White Light / White Heat
25. Kill St. Joy