The Icicle Works

5 cd box

Beggars Banquet


BBQCD 2107

Format: CD

This product is not available in the US store, but you can buy it from our EU store.

This product is not available in the EU store.

This set features the band’s first four Beggars Banquet-released albums — The Icicle Works (1984), The Small Price of a Bicycle (1985), If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song (1987) and Blind (1988 )— each expanded with bonus tracks (more than 30 in total), plus a live set recorded in 1986 (minus the two encore songs, since they didn’t fit on the CD).
The Icicle Works
1-1. “Chop The Tree”
1-2. “Love Is A Wonderful Colour”
1-3. “Reaping The Rich Harvest”
1-4. “As The Dragonfly Flies”
1-5. “Lovers Day”
1-6. “In The Cauldron Of Love”
1-7. “Out Of Season”
1-8. “A Factory in The Desert”
1-9. “Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)”
1-10. “Nirvana”
Bonus Tracks
1-11. “Love Hunt” (84 Version)
1-12. “Reverie Girl”
1-13. “Gun Boys”
1-14. “In The Dance The Shaman Led”
1-15. “Waterline” (UK Version)
1-16. “The Devil On Horseback”
1-17. “Ragweed Campaign”
1-18. “Scarecrow”
1-19. “The Atheist”

The Small Price of a Bicycle
2-1. “Hollow Horse”
2-2. “Perambulator”
2-3. “Seven Horses”
2-4. “Rapids”
2-5. “Windfall”
2-6.“Assumed Sundown”
2-7. “Saint’s Sojourn”
2-8. “All The Daughters”
2-9. “Book Of Reason”
2-10. “Conscience Of Kings”
Bonus Tracks
2-11. “Goin’ Back”
2-12. “Beggars Legacy”
2-13. “Let’s Go Down To The River”
2-14. “Mission Bells”
2-15. “Mr. Soul”
2-16. “A Pocketful Of Nothing”
2-17. “Slingshot”
2-18. “When It All Comes Down” (Full Version)

If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song
3-1. “Hope Springs Eternal”
3-2. “Travelling Chest”
3-3. “Sweet Thursday”
3-4. “Up Here In The North Of England”
3-5. “Who Do You Want For Your Love?”
3-6. “When You Were Mine”
3-7. “Evangeline”
3-8. “Truck Driver’s Lament”
3-9. “Understanding Jane”
3-10. “Walking With A Mountain”
Bonus Tracks
3-11. “Don’t Let It Rain On My Parade” (Single Version)
3-12. “Everybody Loves To Play The Fool”
3-13. “I Never Saw My Hometown”
3-14. “Into The Mystic”
3-15. “It Makes No Difference”
3-16. “Sea Song”
3-17. “Nature’s Way”
3-18. “Impossibly Three Lovers”

4-1. “Intro”
4-2. “Shit Creek”
4-3. “High Time”
4-4. “Little Girl Lost”
4-5. “Starry Blue Eyed Wonder”
4-6. “One True Love”
4-7. “Blind”
4-8. “Two Two Three”
4-9. “What Do You Want Me To Do?”
4-10. “Stood Before St. Peter”
4-11. “The Kiss Off”
4-12. “Here Comes Trouble”
4-13. “Walk A While With Me”
Bonus Tracks
4-14. “Firepower”
4-15. “Solid Ground”
4-16. “Like Weather”
4-17. “Sure Thing”
4-18. “Hot Profit Gospel”
4-19. “Whipping Boy”
4-20. “Tin Can”

Live at the Town and Country Club 1986
5-1. “Hollow Horse”
5-2. “Perambulator”
5-3. “Who Do You Want For Your Love?”
5-4. “Understanding Jane”
5-5. “Love Is A Wonderful Colour”
5-6. “Rapids”
5-7. “Travelling Chest”
5-8. “Seven Horses”
5-9. “Sweet Thursday”
5-10. “Starry Blue-Eyed Wonder”
5-11. “Into The Mystic”
5-12. “Hope Springs Eternal”
5-13. “When It All Comes Down”
5-14. “All The Daughters”
5-15. “Birds Fly”