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  • Daniel Ash - Singles & Mixes
  • 1. Get Out Of Control (Thyroidinal Mix)
    2. Gimme Some Lovin' (Short Version)
    3. The Hedonist (Edit)
    4. Firedance
    5. Walk This Way (Groovy Vocal Mix)
    6. Here She Comes (Wobble Mix)
    7. This Love (Midnight Mix)
    8. Heaven Is Waiting
    9. Acid Rain
    10. Paris '92
    11. Walk This Way (Groovy Guitar Mix)
    12. Get Out Of Control (Aortalesque Mix)
    13. Get Out Of Control (Prostrated Mix)
    14. Get Out Of Control (Dub Excemahemic Mix)

Daniel Ash

Singles & Mixes

Beggars Banquet
Released 26 November 2013
BBQ 2123

Singles and Mixes features the bonus tracks appended to the 2013 remastered editions of Coming Down and Foolish Thing Desire, plus the Japanese import bonus tracks of Foolish Thing Desire that appear on the third disc of a grander anthology. It’s an alternate history of the former Bauhaus man’s early solo career, with many tracks coming to the digital format here for the first time (or their first time as part of a cohesive album).

This was a digital-only collection of bonus tracks, Remixes, Single B-sides and exclusive compilation contributions originally published by Beggars Banquet 1990 to 1993.