the arkive

Daniel Ash

Wearing sunglasses indoors is damn near impossible to pull off. To do so is to, with few exceptions, open yourself up to entirely justified accusations of douchedom, poseurdom, junkiedom, and, most damaging of all in today’s culture, complete-lack-of-self-awarenes-dom. But, like I said, there are exceptions; Lou Reed/Nico, all French directors, Algerian terrorists in the ‘60s, Tom Cruise in his underwear (debatable), and…Daniel Ash.

Ash, formerly of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Tones on Tail, set a gold standard for romantic disaffection that we have all, with our stupid colorful shirts and utter lack of hair product, firmly failed to live up to. With the style though, it’s particularly easy to overlook Ash’s skills as both songwriter and, even more difficult in some ways, song arranger. Over thirty years, he’s been making music that justifies the entire Staring at Member Of Opposite Sex Across Smoke Filled Room industry. His songs have continuously been that “one song we’re gonna dance to at prom” for black clad ne’er-do-wells the world over.

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