Wednesday April 9, 2014

Thanks a ton for all of your suggestions. We are working on some of them and all will be revealed in the coming months!

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General update

Friday February 7, 2014

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things here and, though I can’t be specific yet, there are a lot of protects in the pipeline for 2014 from across all the Beggars’ labels. Big names, small names, blockbusters and obscurities – we’ve got them covered. That’s not to say we wouldn’t welcome suggestions for what you’d like to see released or re-issued, so please comment away!

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Peter Murphy - Love Hysteria re-issue

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Whilst collating the masters for the new Cherry Red re-issue of Peter Murphy’s 1988 second album Love Hysteria it was evident that not only was there a digital master (used for the original CD / Vinyl cut) but also an analogue master. To obtain a high resolution digital re-master the analogue source was preferable but it wasn’t evident that this (previously unused) analogue master actually had a slightly edited version of Indigo Eyes. So essentially this is a different version of the original album. To complicate matters further, the 1988 CD versions of the UK and US editions also vary, on the US issue Socrates the Python has a slightly longer refrain than its UK counterpart, but we opted to stick with the original UK version for this re-issue.

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